New Details for The Division’s Second Incursion Emerge, Includes Gear Score

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Already looking forward.

Much like the first incursion before it, the location and details for The Division’s second incursion, Broken Circle, have been added to the game before the mission itself is actually available.

Added as part of Update 1.1, Broken Circle can be found in the upper left hand corner of the map, just above Autumn’s Hope, the Times Square safehouse. Covering roughly five or six blocks in total, the incursion will take players to Columbus Circle, for which it’s likely named. It also looks to include a slice of central park and multiple buildings, spread out into the distance.

The description for the new incursion reads, “Go head to head with the Rikers and disable their stolen SAM system to secure the Manhattan airspace.”

Falling in line with the new gear score system added with update 1.1, Broken Circle boasts a minimum recommended gear score of 220. In comparison, Falcon Lost, the first incursion, only asks for 140, while challenge mode missions ask for only 130.

Broken Circle will be added in another free update for The Division, scheduled in May. Update 1.2 will be called Conflict and promises to also change the way gamers play in the Dark Zone. As we find out more, you’ll see it all right here on Twinfinite.

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