Original Metal Gear Solid Voice Actors Reunite for Ford Advertisements

Earlier last month, we reported that David Hayter was recording new lines for something Metal Gear Solid related, and it’s finally been revealed that they were lines for a pair of Metal Gear Solid 1 dubbed Ford advertisements, of all things. The ads in question are part of Ford’s currently ongoing “Overdubs” series of advertisements on YouTube. Ford has also done these ads with clips from series like Dragon Ball Z and Captain Planet.

The first of the two, A Codec Call to Remember, features Solid Snake and Roy Campbell (both played by their original voice actors) freaking out over the new Ford Focus SE. The ad even ends with Snake running off to Fulton extract himself a car.

Along with that, Ford did a second ad involving Psycho Mantis reading Snake’s mind and revealing that he really, really wants a 2017 Ford Fusion Titanium in A Meeting with Psycho Mantis.

Besides advertising cars for Ford, David Hayter was also recently revealed to be voicing Solid Snake in an upcoming VR museum, The Fan Legacy: Metal Gear Solid.

So what are your thought on these two ads? Let us know in the comments!

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