League of Legends: Trundle’s New Skin Splash Arts Are Ripped, to Say the Least

New League of Legends splash arts for Trundle are out on the PBE, and needless to say, he’s buff as hell. Here’s Traditional Trundle.


League of Legends Traditional Trundle splash art


League of Legends New Trundle Splash Art updated

Mitchell Malloy‘s first splash art for League.

What conveniently positioned sunlight.

Lil’ Slugger Trundle and Junkyard Trundle have new splashes as well, and despite their covered torsos, you know those abs are there.

These ripped Trundles come to us courtesy of Riot’s sweeping splash update, which has been unifying and upgrading art for League of Legends worldwide (let us not forget the new Evelynn). His new tropical surroundings aren’t a bad fit, and I can’t say the scene isn’t reminiscent of World of Warcraft trolls.

In other news, League of Legends looks to be getting an Earthbender champion. Technically she’s a stone weaver, but you can read all about that in our Taliyah TL;DR lore post. There’s also some Dark Souls-inspired skins on the way for Kayle, Singed and Nocturne.

For even more LoL, check out what it was like inside Riot’s Riftwalk display at PAX East, or our gallery of kick-ass League cosplay.

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