The King of Fighters XIV Trailer Brings Out 2 New Characters

The King of Fighters XIV is set to have plenty of fighters in its roster: 50, to be exact. It’s quite large, and characters are still being confirmed via trailers. This was the case today, as the 11th teaser trailer for KoF XIV was released on PlayStation’s YouTube. The trailer pulls back the curtain on two new characters: Mui Mui and Kukri.

Mui Mui is a kung fu fighter who, interestingly enough, originated from a SNK pachislot series. She’s quick, precise, deadly, and shown off in the first half of the trailer. The second half focuses on Kukri. In contrast to Mui Mui, Kukri is a much more mysterious fighter, using more mystical attacks that utilize sand. View the characters in action below:

The King of Fighters XIV is set to release sometime in 2016 for both Japan and North America, but as of right now, no official release date has been revealed just yet. The game will be released exclusively for PlayStation 4. Keep an eye out in the future for even more character reveals in the ever-growing roster.

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This post was originally written by Tanner Fugate.

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