Homefront: The Revolution’s New Trailer Sets Up the Bleak World of the Game


The opening cinematic presents the story of a crippled America.

Deep Silver’s first-person shooter, Homefront: The Revolution, is set to release in just a few weeks time on May 17. Ahead of the impending release the developers released a brand new trailer, which will also act as the opening cinematic to the game itself.

Entitled “America Has Fallen,” the trailer depicts the state of the union under this hostile takeover, and things do not look good. Check it out below:

The company that appears throughout the trailer, APEX, looks as though it’ll be central to Homefront’s narrative. The video’s description explains that the organization helped North Korea win the “technological arms race” that then enabled them to become a dominant world power.

Players who pre-order the game can still receive the “Revolutionary Spirit Pack” which gives you access to early unlocks and exclusive weapon and vehicle skins.

Homefront: The Revolution will launch May 17 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


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