Check Out Doom’s Multiplayer Beta in These 1080p Screenshots

Doom, beta, multiplayer, gameplay, screenshots, 1080p

Glorious demons.

The Doom multiplayer beta has gone live and first-person shooter fans lucky enough to get a code are unleashing all manner of gory hell upon one another. The beta has given players two different game modes to play on two different maps.

Amidst all of the fast-paced explosive action of the combat, the environments add to the chilling and gruesome nature of the game. After all, one of the levels, Infernal, has blood waterfalls, huge skulls, and pentagrams on the wall. It’s just home sweet home for Demons. So without further ado, let’s jump in and check out some of the gory sights to be seen when playing Doom’s multiplayer beta.

All of the following images were captured on a PS4 in full 1080p.

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