These are Destiny’s April Update Download Sizes for PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360


Do you have the space for Destiny’s April update?

Destiny’s April update size has finally been revealed through Bungie’s official twitter account. The tweet stated that the update size will be:

  • 1718 MB for PS4
  • 1040 MB for PS3
  • 1736 MB for Xbox One
  • 793 MB for Xbox 360

Bungie’s tweet also provided a link to a help page for Destiny players who needed assistance finding enough space on their console for Destiny: The Taken King. The page may be old, but the information on it is still relevant for those who may struggle to find space for the April update. The page even includes a section dedicated to the few players out there who are still using a 200GB PS3 or Xbox 360, giving specific options that will make Destiny playable with limited storage.

The update will be available to download sometime tomorrow between 10am and 12pm Pacific Time. While you are waiting, you can view more information detailing the patch, see what is exclusive for PlayStation, or watch the trailer.

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