Dark Souls III’s Awesome VHS Cover Now Available to Download

dark souls 3

The most metal cover of all time?

To accompany the trailer for 80’s-style Dark Souls III: The Movie joke, Bandai Namco has released the awesome VHS cover art, free to download and replace your (already pretty cool) box art with.

Bandai Namco UK’s official Twitter account has the download links for PC, PS4 and Xbox One – the cover art is the same on each, but the sizes are different to accommodate the varying box sizes.

dark souls 3 vhs

Dark Souls III was released worldwide earlier this week to much critical acclaim. We gave the game an incredibly high score in our review. Dark Souls III marks the return of series director Hidetaka Miyazaki to the series after his relative absence on Dark Souls II, something that was considered to be one of the factors behind the game’s disappointment by many fans.

New to Dark Souls? There’s a lot to learn, but here are some of the game’s mechanics you might not know about.

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