Dark Souls Board Game Smashes Kickstarter Goal in Three Minutes

dark souls

Praise the fun!

The Dark Souls board game has launched its Kickstarter to phenomenal success – the game’s £50,000 goal was reached within three minutes.

The current amount raised is currently a whopping £203,901 with 2,593 backers. The board game, created by Steamforged Games, and its Kickstarter campaign still has 26 days to go. The game is described as a “strategically challenging, deeply immersive combat exploration game for 1-4 players”.

To play the game, you choose one of Dark Souls’ famed character classes (who each get their own stunning looking model). The board game attempts to replicate the actual game as much as possible, with players having to manage stamina to pull off moves and keep an eye on their Estus Flasks.

There are some very detailed looking models for a couple of the series’ most formidable bosses, including Ornstein and Smough and The Dancer of the Boreal Valley, as well as models for some of the game’s enemies.

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