Another Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Teaser Shows Up In Black Ops III

Activision’s marketing team have clearly had a pretty busy week considering the amount of official and unofficial information that’s been revealed about the next Call of Duty game, supposedly titled Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

Just yesterday, the Nuk3town map in Black Ops III boasted a new ending animation which briefly flashes images of a new logo and a spaceship.

Nuk3town has now been updated again with an in-game video reel playing on the giant screens that edge around the map. Check it out in the tweet below:

The entire video was also posted on Call of Duty‘s YouTube page, so you can watch the entire 30 second feature clearly.

Who is this man? What is he talking about? And what is up with his dodgy broadband connection?

It’s very likely we’ll have a full reveal for the game next week, so keep your eyes tuned to Twinfinite for further information as it comes out.


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