Possible Assassin’s Creed, Splinter Cell Outfits Leaked For The Division

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Suit up.

Outfits based off of Ubisoft franchises may soon be coming to The Division, if a possible leak is to be believed.

Reddit user Wooleyful claims to have found new outfits in his character’s inventory after The Division’s update 1.1. The outfits include the iconic hooded robes from Assassin’s Creed, a Splinter Cell outfit and one based on one of Ubisoft’s newest IPs, Watch Dogs.


Bear in mind that nothing has been officially confirmed, but either this is legitimate or an incredible PhotoShop job. While these images are currently only coming from the one source, they are quite convincing.

The Division recently received its latest update, which introduced the game’s first incursion, Falcon Lost. A number of free changes were made to the game also, including allowing player trading.

For a full look at each of the individual images, make sure to visit the Reddit thread where this all began and keep in mind that these are still rumors – nothing has been confirmed.

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