The 6 Most Interesting Quantum Break Secrets You Probably Missed

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Quantum Break has anything but a simple story. While it’s true that time travel narratives are rarely straightforward, Remedy’s latest game takes that innate complexity and runs with it. So much so that by the end of the game, some pretty big questions seem to be left unanswered.

For those patient enough to sift through it though, Quantum Break actually address all those questions. Combining the handful of time echoes and the roughly 130 ‘narrative collectibles,’ almost nothing is left unexplored. You know that crazy weirdness right at the end that left you just scratching your head? Yeah, that’s explained too.

Even more though, some of the best character material in the game is actually stashed away in these ‘too-long-didn’t-read’ collectibles. In the interest of sharing some of the insight they provide, here are six of the most interesting things Quantum Break hides away.

Full spoilers for Quantum Break follow.

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