When The Division’s Dark Zone Turns into a Benny Hill Chase Scene

Going rogue in The Division’s PvP Dark Zone means putting a target on your back that reads, “I am a traitor, please shoot me dead.” As a non-rogue player, it is your moral obligation to take out these rogue players. Also obligatory is dropping everything you’re doing and joining a dozen players in a high speed rogue pursuit, as if The Division was an interactive Benny Hill chase sequence.

Like this:

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Floundering against the crowd like a salmon trying to swim upstream, this player eventually gives in to the bloodhound pack – he has nothing better to do. Nobody has anything better to do. That traitor – that single red blip in a sea of white avengers – must be stopped at any cost.

How did it all turn out? You can watch the full chase scene below for the twist ending:

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