Wall Street Journal Claims PlayStation 4K to be Revealed Before PSVR Releases

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PlayStation 4 games will allegedly run on both consoles.

Following on from a previous report that Sony is working on the PlayStation “4.5”, The Wall Street Journal is now reporting that the upgraded console will be revealed in October, the same month that the PlayStation VR unit finally launches worldwide.

The report from The Wall Street Journal, which can be found here, mainly claims an October release date for the model that some are calling the “PlayStation 4K.” However the report also goes on to claim that all PlayStation 4 games will be able to be played both on the older version of the PlayStation 4, as well as this upgraded model.

This mainly means that games will look much better on the still unannounced upgraded version of the PlayStation 4 console, instead of certain games being made specifically for the higher-end console. This part of the article from The Wall Street Journal is quite vague however, with only talk of “ultra-high definition resolution graphics” being mentioned.

As of now, Sony has neither announced or commented on these rumors of an upgraded PlayStation 4 unit.

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