Square Enix Says Fans Should Still Watch Final Fantasy XV Uncovered Despite Leaks

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Sounds like there’s much more coming at Uncovered.

Final Fantasy XV’s big reveal is happening tonight, with their “Uncovered” event. Square Enix has said the event will show a large amount of new information about the game, and give us the official release date of the long awaited game.

Earlier today information from the event leaked out via a GameSpot video, giving us a release date of September 30 and details on a new demo coming for the game. Square Enix responded to potential leaks via Final Fantasy XV’s official Twitter account. They urge fans to watch the Uncovered event regardless of the leaks. You can see the tweet below.

It should be noted that the #PleaseBeExcited is a running joke Square Enix has with its community, originating from E3 in 2013.

Final Fantasy XV Uncovered starts at 7:00 PM PDT on March 30. The company released a teaser earlier this week promising “wickedly cool content.”

Are you still tuning in to Final Fantasy XV Uncovered tonight? What do you think of the leaks and Square Enix’s response to them? Let us know in the comments.


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