Final Fantasy XV Movie Will Have Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad Cast

Final Fantasy XV, FFXV, young Noctis, demo

Stars, stars galore!

Among its several announcements tonight, Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy XV’s cast will include Lena Heady of 300 and Game of Thrones fame. She’ll be playing the role of Lunafreya in the game and the Kingsglaive film. But she won’t be the only Game of Thrones star to join the cast of Kingsglaive. Sean Bean will also be a part of the cast.

Bean’s role is that of King Regis, the father of protagonist Noctis. Finally, Heady also introduced Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad fame to the stage, where he revealed that he’ll be playing the role of Nyx in the Kingslglaive film. According to Paul, Nyx is given an “important job to carry out” by Bean’s Regis and is in some ways, a main protagonist as a member of an elite task force. Paul says that he’s seen some footage from the film and that it’s “out of control”. Blue crystals are also Paul’s favorite kind, because of course they are.

Check back with Twinfinite for more info on Final Fantasy XV!

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