Rocket League Launches an eSports League with $75,000 Prize Pool

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Rocketing into a lot of cash.

Rocket League hasn’t been out for a full year, but has expanded faster than anyone predicted. The game that grew a large audience of casual gamers is now expanding into eSports with the Rocket League Championship Series.

Psyonix have partnered with Twitch to make this eSports league a reality, and there will be major prizes available for the best teams. North American and European teams will compete in two qualifying rounds, each granting the winning team $10,000. Four teams will move to the international finals and compete for the $55,000 prize. That’s $75,000 in prize money available for a game that launched for free last July.

The first season begins in March and will last three months. Three-person teams will be able to enter on PlayStation 4 and Steam. Anyone who isn’t competing can watch on the official Rocket League Twitch channel.

Signups open March 25 in both regions, so there’s still time to train for a shot at that enormous cash prize. Or if you can’t hit the world’s slowest Rocket League goal, there will be plenty of tournament streams to keep you entertained.


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