Pokken Tournament Digital Copy Owners Can Still Get the Shadow Mewtwo amiibo Card

Shadow Mewtwo for all!

Players who bought the digital version of Pokken Tournament on the eShop now have the opportunity to snag the Shadow Mewtwo amiibo Card that came with physical copies of the game. This card gives players the opportunity to unlock Shadow Mewtwo immediately instead of unlocking him throughout the course of the game.

This offer only runs until Jul.21 2016 and is only available for players in the US, Canada, and Mexico. In order to receive this offer, you must be registered on the Nintendo Store. If you are registered, be sure that the street address and email address is up to date, as this is the address the card will be shipped to.

After all of the information is confirmed, you can email the support team. To verify your purchase you must provide your email address, Nintendo Network ID, and Serial Number. When providing your email address, be sure that the email is the same one used when registering on the Nintendo Store, as they both need to match in order for your request to be processed. Once your Nintendo eShop purchase is confirmed, an email will be sent out with the next steps. The official instructions are located on the Nintendo Support website.

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