Tyranny, Obsidian’s New Game, Makes You a Community Manager for Evil

Sometimes evil wins, bro.

In 99% of video games, you’re the hero, the guy who triumphs over evil. That may not be the case in Tyranny, the new game from Obsidian that they teased last week.

Here, the “great war” between good and evil has ended, and you’d think that the heroes would come out on top as they always have in the past, right? Yeah no, the bad guys have won this time, dude. The evil overlord Kyros’ armies have dominated the world, and it’s up to you as the player to travel around the world to inspire loyalty, fear, or disgust to the subjects. Check out some gameplay in the trailer below.

You’ll be watched by Tunon the Adjucator (basically Ronan from Guardians of the Galaxy, just with less of a sci-fi look). As a Fatebinder, your word is law, and your reputation is going to grow among the world and the different factions of Kyros’ army. Obsidian hopes that every time you play Tyranny, you’ll find the world a “drastically changed place”. A release date hasn’t been revealed yet, just the cryptic “coming soon” window.

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