Check out the New League of Legends Champion That Used to Be Ao Shin

League of Legends Aurelion Sol teaser video

“Beg for mercy”

Ao Shin has come a long way. The mysterious sky-dragon preemptively revealed back in 2013 is finally ready to take to the Rift, but in a completely new form.

As explained in a recent Dev Corner post, Ao Shin’s original concept, kit, and serpentine body were all problematic for the League of Legends champion team. The storm dragon is now Aurelion Sol: The Star Forger, a presumably less snakey and more starry version of the original concept.

Aurelion Sol was first teased earlier this week with an image of Pantheon staring into the cosmos and the words, “He has returned.” Now, we have an entire teaser video, with Aurelion Sol offering some comforting words while casually crushing a star:

“They always look up in wonder. Some fall to their knees and worship. Others hide behind walls and towers. But the thing they do best, is beg for mercy.”



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