MLB The Show 16: What’s New in RTTS, Diamond Dynasty, Franchise, and More

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mlb the show 16

It’s baseball season again in MLB The Show 16! Hopefully baseball fans enjoy this year’s iteration because once again it’s the only major baseball sim in town. It’s also still exclusive to the PlayStation family of consoles (Vita excluded this year, sorry Vita owners), meaning if you’re on Wii U, Xbox or PC, you’ll have to find your baseball fix elsewhere. RBI Baseball or Out of the Park Baseball, perhaps?

Anyway, back to MLB The Show 16. For another consecutive year, San Diego Studios has decided to play it safe by sticking to tweaks and slowly growing the game, rather than doing anything dramatic. Still all three major game types – Diamond Dynasty, Road to the Show, and Franchise – all have received some new toys that will likely please long time fans of that mode. Without further ado, let’s break down what’s new in each of MLB The Show 16’s major modes, starting with Diamond Dynasty, which received the most attention of all this year.

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