Are These Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst Mini Figures Angry Enough?

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst

Get your own Mirror’s Edge mini figures while you can.

Gamers looking for some official Mirror’s Edge merchandise listen up. Pre-orders are now open for Performance Design Products‘ fully licensed Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst mini figure three pack.

The Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst mini-figure three pack will feature collectable figurines of Faith, Icarus, and Kuma. Each figure is made of durable materials and each one comes with a detachable metal base. They also stand at a 1/20 scale of their in-game counterparts.


This three-pack costs $19.99 but anyone who’s interested in getting them will need to hurry up because Performance Designed Products have only made 3, 500 packs. For those wanting to buy this collectible, the Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst mini-figure three pack can now be pre-ordered on Amazon,  Video Games Plus, and Gamestop.

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