Meet Y’Shaarj, the Hearthstone Old God Card Revealed for Upcoming Expansion

Blizzard has revealed the Old God card, Y’Shaarj, Rage Unbound, whose living proof that sometimes all you need is a little (or a lot of) rage to win a match.

Y’Shaarj was once the head of one of the biggest empires ever to grace Azeroth until mortals defeated him and stole his heart. In the game, Y’Shaarj will be a 10/10 10 cost minion who will summon any minion from your deck no matter the cost at the end of each of your turns. This means that if you can keep Y’Shaarj alive and you get lucky, you can dominate the field very quickly.


Along with Y’Shaarj, Blizzard also revealed the druid exclusive Mark of Y’Shaarj and the Ancient Harbinger. The Mark of Y’Shaarj will be a 2 cost Druid card that will grant any minion +2/+2 stats and if you use it on a beast card, you can draw 1 card. Meanwhile, the Ancient Harbinger will be a 6 cost 4/6 minion who will allow you to add a 10 cost minion to your hand at the start of each of your turns so you’ll be able to add any of the Old God cards to your hand at the start of each of your turn.

Last week, Blizzard revealed the Old God card N’Zoth the Corruptor, who will be perfect for a Deathrattle-focused deck.

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