League of Legends April Fools’ Skins Are Bringing Kittens, Urf, and Definitely Not Vel’Koz

League of Legends April Fools' skins


It’s almost time for the anticipated League of Legends April Fools’ Day skins. This year’s lineup, made public on the beta client yesterday, is full of kittens, Draven, and of course, everyone’s favorite probably dead manatee, Urf.

Say hello to Meowkai, Urf Kench, Definitely Not Vel’Koz, and Draven Draven (because Draven would never cover his face unless  it was with a bigger Draven). You can check out each of the zany skins courtesy of Skin Spotlights below.

Each year, Riot games seems to up their Fool game, with last year’s Urf the Nami-tee, Definitely Not Udyr and Order of the Banana Soraka raising the bar for League’s most ridiculous holiday.

The last two League of Legends April Fools’ also saw the hyper speed Ultra Rapid Fire mode, and jokes of a massively slowed down N.U.R.F. mode in 2015. Though no official plans for Ultra Rapid Fire games have been announced for this year, another URF-inspired mode wouldn’t be surprising.

You can read up on the specific skin details over at Surrender @20. Keep in mind that nothing posted to the PBE is guaranteed to release in the full game, though life would be too cruel if Draven Draven was taken away.

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