Microsoft’s Hololens Dev Kits Have Started Shipping, and With Some Snazzy Packaging

Microsoft announced the first shipments of Microsoft HoloLens Development Kits today. In a twitter post Microsoft showed off the packaging for the device for the first time. The bundle appears to contain one set of augmented-reality glasses, a holding case and a clicker used to control the device.


When the Dev Kit pre-order was first announced, the cost of a kit was $3000 and it was only available in the US and Canada. Worldwide availability and pricing have yet to be announced.

Unfortunately, there is still no news on a retail edition. However, previous announcements have showcased some of the amazing things that developers can do with HoloLens. With more people getting hands-on time with the device, it surely means that consumers will be seeing more of what HoloLens is capable of in the near future.

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This post was originally written by Oisin Kilkenny-Fletcher.

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