Disney Princesses Imagined as League of Legends Champions

Here they go again.

Disney princesses, the most malleable subjects in the history of mankind, can be anything and everything. This time around, they’re getting the full League of Legends treatment courtesy of artist Reem Elasar.

Also known as Dreemer, Elasar has taken some of our Disney heroines and tossed them into Summoner’s Rift. Ariel, with her red hair and fish independence, takes up the sassy guns of Miss Fortune, while Elsa steps into the role of Ashe, The Frost Archer. Because of the ice thing.

You can check out all of Dreemer’s works so far below, and even more of her art on Deviantart.


Which is your favorite Champion Princess? Any changes you’d make? Let us know in the comments, and for more, check out some of today’s top stories below.

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