Destiny’s April Update Adds New Gear Sets, Year One Legendaries, Infusion Changes and More

Destiny April Update

Destiny is about to get a lot more colorful.

Bungie is adding a ton of gear related changes in their upcoming April Update. Shown off during their Twitch stream was new armor sets for each of the three in-game factions as well as two new gear sets that will drop from the new activities revealed last week.

The Desolate armor set is the new Taken-looking gear set that has been teased over the last few weeks. There’s also the Spektar gear set which is a brand new design. Both gear sets will be obtainable  via a new currency called Sterling Treasure, which was teased last week.

Sterling Treasure will unlock pieces from the two new gear sets which drop from a number of different activities including the updated Prison of Elders and completion of the featured weekly activity. It works like a mystery grab bag that drops at least one piece from one of the two new armor sets and other possible random rewards.

In addition to the new armor sets, Bungie also showed off how they are committed to updating the old. Namely, Bungie will be bringing old popular legendary weapons from Year One such as Shadow Price. This is of course in addition to new legendary weapons that will be found in the updated Prison of Elders.

Infusions are also receiving a dramatic change. From the April Update on, when you infuse a higher level piece of gear with a lower one, the lower light level will be brought all the way up to the same light level as the piece you infused it into. In other words, no more incremental light level increases. Speaking of light level, all the gear that drops from the King’s Fall raid will also be receiving a light level bump to match what’s going to be available from the updated Prison of Elders.

Also new is the Chroma customization system that will allow Guardians to make their armor and weapons pop with some glowing color flair. Weapons and individual armor pieces can be infused with a colored Chroma that adds an additional glowing color on top of the already existing shader. Chroma can also be obtained through Sterling Treasure boxes.

That covers a lot of the newly announced major changes, but for all the smaller but still exciting details regarding Destiny’s April Update such as new Sparrow designs, new ships and emotes, you can view the past stream here or wait for it to appear on Bungie’s live archive channel.

Excited for Destiny’s April Update? Let us know in the comments and check out some of the new gear and features below:

Destiny April Update Destiny April Update Destiny April Update Destiny April Update Destiny April Update Destiny April Update

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