What’s New in Dying Light: The Following? Everything You Need to Know

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The Countryside

dying light the following world

Dying Light placed players in the city of Harran after a deadly outbreak started turning the population into flesh-eating monsters. The city was packed tight, with tons of alleyways to lose enemies in, towering buildings, and plenty of the nooks and crannies you’d expect from an urban location. Parkour was the focus and there were plenty of things to jump on, from, and over as you raced from location to location.

The Following takes away the safety that cramped buildings can offer and throws players into a sprawling fields littered with infected and bandits. Hiding isn’t as easy as it was before, and there aren’t too many high places to escape the clutches of your foes anymore. Luckily, they’ve provided an interesting means of getting through safely to supplement your parkour skills. 

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