This Stealth Game Will Get Cheaper the More Its Demo Is Played

Mo’ plays, less money.

Today, Trine developer Frozenbyte announced a demo for their upcoming stealth game, Shadwen. Nothing new there, but there’s a special perk that comes with this demo. The more folks that play it over the next five days, the lower the price of the game will be when it launches. If you need an idea of what you’re getting into, check out the trailer below.

As the global community score goes up, the price goes down. At time of writing, the community score is at 80,640, with the price at $33.99 (it was originally priced at $35). It’s sure to go down even further until the 29th, and you can play the demo as many times as you want to help the price go down. However, Frozenbyte has the right to push it back up if they detect any shenanigans, and they’ve already said that the price won’t go all the way down to free.

Shadwen is due out sometime this year, and Frozenbyte hopes it goes pretty low to show that folks are super interested in their game.

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