This Far Cry Primal Glitch Is Stunning, Even Though I’m Trapped in a Wall Forever

far cry primal glitch stuck inside cave wall broken fix


Far Cry Primal is an homage to the connection between mankind and nature and, in the ultimate joining of the two, today my character was absorbed into the wall of a cave.

Becoming one with the universe, my polygons and those of the rock mingled without prejudice. To be technical, I leaned up against the wrong tunnel wall while jumping and the glitch stars aligned well enough to permanently fuse me into the ceiling.

It wasn’t all bad, though, as I looked up to see a blinding light and then a glimpse of Far Cry Primal’s world from below. Every root a star among thousands and every tree trunk some strange, ethereal space-squash hanging from the clouds.

But I’m done now. This seems to be permanent, despite my rabid button mashing discerning motion tests, chaining precise button commands to create unique, jerking movements. I must quit my game and reload. But I am changed, because I have seen the other side, and also, because I lost my quest progress. And I don’t trust walls quite the same way.

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