New Trend: Make Witness Puzzles Your Phone’s Password Because the Madness Has Consumed You

the witness

Embrace it.

If you’ve taken a dive into the puzzle-filled world of The Witness, you’re probably seeing grids and trace lines everywhere, if not teetering on the brink of sanity altogether. Why not just take the plunge and turn your phone into a Witness puzzle, too.

Certain phones, such as Samsung Galaxies, have the option to set a pattern password, wherein the phone opens after tracing a specific pattern into a grid. Kind of like The Witness.

Sticking a well-placed screenshot of the puzzles behind the pattern grid and making the password the proper solution will turn your smartphone into your own portable panel. It’s just the next step in embracing your problem. And that’s okay.

You can see a couple of fan examples below.

The Witness themed lock screen

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