Super Smash Bros. 4: How to Use Bayonetta’s Final Smash

bayonetta super smash bros

The details of Bayonetta’s Super Smash Bros. Final Smash aren’t entirely obvious. In fact, knowing how to properly execute this move will net you a lot more damage and possibly some KOs.

Her Final Smash, Infernal Climax, begins with a stage-wide Witch Time, slowing down all enemies. You’ll deal damage to opponents the to fill up the round Climax Gauge on your screen. Once it’s full, Gomorrah will appear and start chewing on your targets.

Another meter appears after summoning Gomorrah. Spam an attack button quickly to fill this gauge up. If any of your opponents have over 100% accumulated damage by the end of Gomorrah’s chomp-fest, they’ll be instantly KO’d.

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