Sonic the Hedgehog’s Twitter Reveals Possible Madeon Collab or Absolute Gibberish



If you’re big into EDM, you’ve probably heard of the French artist Madeon. The 22-year-old, currently on tour in America, has been behind music that’s been used in games like PlayStation All-Stars, NHL 15, and Need for Speed: Rivals. Now, it looks like once his tour has wrapped, he’ll be working on the music for the next Sonic the Hedgehog game, which they’ve already hinted at working on.

The folks running the Blue Blur’s Twitter, tweeted out this picture moments ago, which is a reference to the album art for Madeon’s Adventure album.

On one hand, this could easily just be a bunch of chicken scratch nonsense. It wouldn’t be out of place for the Sonic Twitter, which has a very…interesting way of interacting with people. On the other hand…Madeon working on the music for a Sonic game. Whatever the quality of the game, that’s a pretty big win for music fans. If you haven’t heard any of his stuff, check him out here. Even better, you can make some tunes of your own with his soundbites!

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