Blizzard Launches Official Starcraft II Esports Twitter Account

Starcraft II

They tweet for Aiur.

Today Blizzard has launched an official Esports Twitter page for StarCraft II. Although SC II has been on Twitter for quite some time now, as you can probably imagine, this one will be focused on promoting their Esports events. Although not verified by Twitter itself yet, the official StarCraft II Twitter page has begun promoting the new account.

While StarCraft II is still arguably the most popular and visible RTS game on the market, its presence in the overall Esports scene has certainly faded since its original release in 2010. In the time since its launch, MOBA and FPS games have lapped RTS games like SC II in popularity, and League of Legends in particular is undoubtedly the current leader in the rapidly growing Esports scene.

The original StarCraft was one of the original pioneers of Esports and helped put the sport on the map, especially in South Korea where Brood War matches are still popular events. StarCraft II is far from dead and in fact, is an incredibly polished, deep and well balanced RTS game, but despite that, it’s not anywhere near reaching that same level of market appeal that its predecessor had and that games like League of Legends currently enjoy. Hell, it even needs to make up ground on another Blizzard IP, Hearthstone, which has also eclipsed the legendary RTS in popularity in the United States.

Anyway, we’ll have to wait and see if the opening of this Twitter account translates into any kind of renewed effort on Blizzard’s end to getting Starcraft II back into the upper echelons of the Esports scene. Although it’s extremely unlikely to think that Starcraft II would ever catch up to League of Legends any time soon, if there is a franchise that has the chops to carry the RTS genre back into the limelight, it would be Starcraft.

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