Oculus Ready PC and Rift Bundles Announced, Pre-orders Open Next Week

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Eight different ASUS, Dell and Alienware bundles.

If you were looking to buy an Oculus but wanted to spend even more money, good news. The company has announced special bundles to include a Rift and a PC that can handle its high PC requirements.

“These PCs have been battle tested and certified by Oculus to deliver an incredible Rift experience,” reads the announcement page. The post also notes that anyone who pre-ordered the (very sold out) Oculus Rift for $599 back in January can claim discount codes for compatible PCs on their order status page starting Feb 16.

The bundles offer either ASUS, Dell or Alienware PCs, starting at $1499 and going all the way up to $3,150. All eight options are listed on Best Buy right now, though pre-orders from Amazon, Best Buy and the Microsoft Store won’t open until Feb. 16 at 8am PT.

These bundles, like the previous Oculus Rift orders, will come with EVE: Valkyrie, Lucky’s Tale, and an Xbox One controller. While the first Oculus Rift orders will ship Mar. 28, these PC and Rift bundles aren’t expected to ship until Apr. 23.

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