New Fallout Shelter Update Includes Crafting, a Barbershop, and Yes, Parrots

Fallout shelter

Don’t we all need a shave and a haircut?

Today, Bethesda announced a new set of improvements that’ll be coming to Fallout Shelter with update 1.4 later this week. First up is the ability to craft using junk items, which you can find on your adventures in the Wasteland. Lunchboxes will also have a fifth junk card, and outfits and weapons straight from Fallout 4 that you can find or craft on your own. To go along with the crafting, there’s new Weapon and Armor crafting rooms that players can use to create their own items to survive out in the Wasteland.

Fallout Shelter’s next update will also properly reflect the time of day, because even though you’re trapped in a Vault, it’s still good to know if you’re trapped during the daytime or late at night. Finally, there’s two of the most important features to come with this update: a barbershop, and new pets. The barbershop requires no explanation (that beard needs a little trimming), but the new pets, aside from new Cats and Dogs, also include parrots. Yep, parrots in a Fallout game. Fantastic.

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