Just Cause 3’s Sky Fortress Introduces Jet Powered Wingsuit and Explosive New Weapons

just cause 3

Take to the skies!

Just Cause 3 still has more chaos for us in the form of its upcoming DLC “Sky Fortress”. A trailer for the new content has been released and it’s more explosive than ever.

Sky Fortress is the first DLC pack from the Air, Land, and Sea expansion pass. The content will see players going up against a huge Sky Fortress and its army of robot drones.

Players will get new weapons and items with the DLC including a new wingsuit, “Baverium Splitter” assault rifle, and a personal defence drone, all of which can be used in the main game. New missions and challenges will also be available.

The content will be available a week early for those who have purchased the Air, Land, and Sea Expansion Pass. It will be officially released sometime in March.

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