Halo 5 Shows Off Hammer Storm, Bringing Back Reach and Firefight

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Hammer time!

343’s been providing a steady stream of free content for Halo 5 since release, and the newest for the month of March will be Hammer Storm. Like the previous content updates, it’ll take players to new areas to kill each other (the Arena map Torque) and have new armor and modes, including the fan favorite Grifball. New assassinations are also coming, from a brutal head slam to kneeing your poor target from behind. Ouch. Hammer Storm also brings with it the return of the deadly pistol from the original Halo. Banshee flyers should beware. Check it out in the trailer below.

The end of the trailer also gave expectations of what to expect for future Halo 5 updates. Previous Halo games had the Firefight mode, where four players went up against wave after wave of Covenant with a shared pool of lives, and that’ll be making a return this summer as a Warzone mode with a (seemingly) larger amount of players. And going off of this picture, it looks like we’ll be making a return tour to Reach…

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