Fire Emblem Fates PSA: You Can Download a Free DLC Map Now

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Free stuff!

If you own a copy of Fire Emblem Fates, whether it’s Birthright or Conquest, you can download a free DLC map called ‘Before Awakening’ now. To download DLC content, simply exit your castle and go to the overworld map, and hit the Dragon’s Gate option to view all of the game’s available DLC. You’ll be able to find Before Awakening.

Before Awakening brings back key characters from FE: Awakening such as Chrom. If you’re playing Conquest and you’ve already unlocked characters like Odin and Laslow, you might want to bring them with you on this map.

You can also purchase Map Pack 1, which includes all of the DLC planned up till the end of April. This pack will include Xenologue 10, which allows you to recruit Anna, a recurring character in the series.

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