EA Raises the Ultimate Question: What Would Yarny’s Mixtape be Like?

Today saw the release of EA’s incredibly adorable platformer, Unravel. To celebrate the occasion, it looks like Yarny may have gathered a few of his friends to capture the moment in true mixtape fashion.

In a tweet from the official EA account, a whole bunch of the cute is captured posing in classic mixtape poses, if you will. While the caption suggests that Yarny is “’bout to drop the hottest platformer of 2016,” we began to wonder exactly what a Yarny mixtape would sound like.

Would he go old school rap like NWA? We can see it now, Straight Outta Yarn. What songs would feature on the mixtape? 2 Cute 4 Your Hate? A song about getting over your long-term crush, Stringing Me Along? Or maybe a classic coming-of-age anthem, Boyz 2 Yarn.

It may not be confirmed as of yet, but we’re pretty sure that mixtape would set the world on fire. Too hot for Yarny’s fragile little body. No, really, we’re seriously concerned he may now spontaneously combust.

Unravel released today on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. You can check out our review over here.


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