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Dying Light: The Following – Where to Get Weapon Blueprints


Dying Light: The Following – Where to Get Weapon Blueprints

The mad scientist is in.

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The Following introduces many new blueprints to the world of Dying Light. Blueprints are used to modify and construct powerful weapons using the junk you find while wandering Harran and the Countryside. You’ll want to make good use of these since enemies are a bit more persistent this time around.

Of course, before you can put these to use you’ll have to find them, so let’s get you sorted out with all the new-fangled upgrades hidden in Dying Light: The Following.

Bad Plug

Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition_20160210113025

Bad Plug is a mod that provides both electrical damage and an impact boost to bladed weapons. You’ll locate it in a building far north of Jasir’s Farm. There is a safe zone nearby that you can clear first. It will be inside of a powerbuilding behind a barb-wired fence. Head around back (near the trees) to get in.

This mod can be used on: Short Knives, Long Knives, and Blades.

Chill Kill


The Chill Kill blueprint is located in a tower right next to one of the southern Volatile nests. Head southeast from Jasir’s farm and it will be on top of mountain. You’ll locate a safe zone that can be cleared. Climb the tall tower in this safe zone to the very top to find the fancy wooden chest housing this one. It will add a freezing effect to your tools so you can smash any foolish enemies.

This mod can be used on: Small Hammers, Wrenches, Picks, Pickaxes, and Two-Handed Hammers.


Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition_20160210125804

The Discharger is a lot like Bad Plug in that it adds electricity to your blade, but it lacks the impact boost. You’ll find this in Bilal’s Gas Station in the kitchen. Just check the drawers by the microwave and it’s yours.

This mod can be used on: Khopesh, Scythes, and Two-Handed Swords.

Flame Stabber

Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition_20160210130200

The Flame Stabber is one of the most basic blueprints in The Following as it adds fire damage to knives. It’s also one of the first blueprints you’ll find (if not the first). At the very beginning of the DLC, when you exit the tunnels, you’ll find a wooden tower nearby. This blueprint is in the locked chest at the top of that tower.

This mod can be used on: Short Knives and Long Knives.

Ice Cream

Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition_20160210111016

This is yet another bladed weapon modification. It adds a freeze stun effect, stopping enemies in their tracks for a few seconds as if they got brain-freeze. You’ll find this near Bilal’s Gas Station. Just head to the outpost due south and you’ll find a restaurant just north of its walls. The blueprint is on one of the magazine racks inside.

This mod can be used on: Sickles and Cleavers.

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