Doom Gets a Release Date and Terrifying Collector’s Edition

Doom, bethesda, release date, collector's edition, price, statue

Time to kick some demon ass!

Bethesda announced today the date that players can expect to brutally take down some demons in Doom, as well as revealing the collector’s edition of the game.

The collector’s edition will be created through a partnership with TriForce, a pretty well-known collectible maker. The main part of the collector’s edition will be a 12-inch statue of one of Doom’s demons, The Revenant.

However, the statue doesn’t just sit there and look pretty. It sits on a base lit by LEDs and the turbine that demon is standing on has an internal, spinning mechanism meaning it’ll be giving its menacing and terrifying stare to everyone in the room regardless of where they try to hide.

The collector’s edition will also come with a steelbook case for the actual copy of the game and the whole package will cost you $119.99 or £99.99 for UK players.

Doom, bethesda, release date, collector's edition, price, statue

If you’re interested in pre-ordering either the standard edition or the collector’s edition of the game and decide to secure yourself a copy, you’ll also get a bundle of in-game content. The Demon Multiplayer pack includes a set of demon armor with three different skins, six metallic paint colors, three ID emblems, and six consumable hack modules. Plenty of incentive to grab the upcoming shooter then.

Bethesda also released the official campaign trailer for Doom on their YouTube page. You can check it out below.

Finally, Bethesda announced that Doom will be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on May 13.

Will you be picking up Doom upon its release in May? Let us know in the comments below.


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