Dark Souls 3’s Opening Cinematic is Definitely Grim and Ominous

dark souls III

Die again and again.

We’re a little over two months away from Dark Souls 3, and Bandai Namco has put out the opening cinematic for the game. True to its name, it’s certainly dark and full of the gothic horror fans have come to know and love over the past five years. If you thought the bosses in the last game were big, it looks like it’ll be taken to larger, scarier levels here. Check it out below.

Once again, players will be dying over and over and over as they work through this destroyed world full of horrific enemies that want nothing more than to tear them to pieces. While the map count will be smaller than Dark Souls 2’s, the levels are going to be larger and more interconnected. Hope you like exploration!

Dark Souls 3 hits the PS4, Xbox One, and PC on April 12. Unless you live in Japan, where it’ll be coming on March 24. They’re pretty lucky, and that’s not counting the two limited edition PS4s…

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