Competitive Survival Game The Culling Opens Up Closed Alpha Registration

Do you like survival games such as Ark: Survival Evolved, but wish you spent less time working together to better society and could go straight to the trolling and screwing over of other player characters? Then The Culling from Xaviant might be up your alley. You also might be interested to know then that Xaviant has begun taking registrations for their closed Alpha program.

The Culling has an interesting premise that combines elements of popular survival games with timed competitive matches. So instead of building up over a long period of time, you’ll drop in, scavenge, and then prepare for battle against other human opponents. Last person standing is declared the winner. You can check out the recently released announcement trailer above to get a better idea of what you would be in for.

If you’re still interested in signing up, you can do so by visiting their registration page directly here, and of course fill out the proper paperwork to get your name on the list.

If you opt to wait, then you can get your first crack at The Culling when it is available on PC via Steam Early Access starting on Mar. 8 for $14.99.

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