Celebrate Pokemon Day with a Twitch Marathon of the Anime

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This day is gonna be the very best.

This weekend will mark the 20th anniversary of Nintendo’s Pokemon series, and everyone is celebrating in their own way. Streaming giant Twitch is going to celebrate by having a 32-hour stream of all things Pokemon. Yes, seriously.

The Twitch channel for the series will start this Saturday, the 27th at 10 AM ET with live coverage of gameplay and interviews about the series. At 6 PM ET, the stream will marathon episodes from the various animes, along with several of the feature films. Please let one of them be The First Movie.

If you’re in the stream for the anime, you’ll have one long day ahead of you. Better stock up on food and drinks! Maybe gather all your friends and take pictures with that fancy new iOS app and sing the OG theme song as loud as possible.

32 full hours of Pokemon. Man, what a time to be alive in the year of 2016.

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