Arby’s Prepares for Street Fighter V With Mozzarella Stick Shoryuken

There are many unexpected corporate social media accounts that tend to do a bang-up job at staying relevant and entertaining without pandering to their audience, Denny’s and Sonic the Hedgehog being prime examples. Arby’s may not be quite as active as those two, but they still like to get in on the latest pop culture crazes like Star Wars: The Force Awakens and the recent X-Files season by playing with their food. Their latest work of art is a recreation of the Shoryuken combo using mozzarella sticks to join the Street Fighter V hype.

It didn’t stop there though. Arby’s replied to various comments to reveal who they main…

…and also that they’re familiar with the Konami Code.

Have a gander at the Arby’s Twitter for more fun with food, and check out our some of our Street Fighter V guides for tips and tricks to help you along.

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