You Didn’t Ask for Bidoof Fused with a Dozen Legendary Pokémon, but Here It Is Anyways


Because it is Friday and because Bidoof, we’d like to share with you something special. This monstrosity. This deity.

Bidoof Legendaries spliced fusion pokemon combined together

Yes, that is Bidoof and all his doofyness painstakingly fused with multiple legendary Pokémon. It’s got Suicune’s forehead on its tail, some Ho-Oh shoulder wings, a Registeel torso, and a gnarly case of Giratina neck. One could find many more legendary nods, were one inclined to index every inch of its glorious body.

This mad genetic experimentation comes courtesy of ThatSplicingAdventure. They’ve fearlessly tasked themselves with fusing every Pokémon with every other Pokémon, and since 2011 have created 1,107 fusions out of their 519,120 goal.

What mad Pokémon fusions would you want to see? Is Legendary Bidoof going to bring world peace or the end of days? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and have a very Bidoof day!

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