You Can Pre-Order the Oculus Rift Without Paying Anything Upfront

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You can pre-order the Oculus Rift without paying a cent.

The Oculus Rift is going to be available to pre-order in a few hours at 8 AM PST / 11 AM EST on January 6 (today), and you will be able to pre-order yours without paying anything upfront.

The Oculus Rift’s creator, Palmer Luckey, revealed this news on Twitter and said he didn’t want early adopters to feel locked into their purchase before they’d had a chance to read reviews.

Those who pre-order the Oculus Rift will also get a reserved spot for the Oculus Touch, the controller that has been specifically designed for the hardware.

No pricing details for the Oculus Rift have been revealed yet, but it is suspected it will cost at least $350. Luckey has also stated that there’s “no chance” that pre-orders for the Rift will sell out and that the company will “keep on taking preorders for as long as people want EVE: Valkyrie!”

Anyone can pre-order the Rift, but it will only ship to 20 countries at the moment. No doubt plenty of information will be made available on the official site.

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