Wonder Woman Charges into Battle in The Film’s First Teaser Trailer

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman dishes out some justice.

The first live-action Wonder Woman film is only a year away, and we’re finally seeing some footage of the movie in action. During the Dawn of Justice League special on The CW, we got an early look at this hero’s origin story.

Wonder Woman is set during World War 2, and some of the action footage shows the Amazonian warrior taking on waves of soldiers. Of course, the best fighter in the DC Universe has no problem cleaning house, even when heavily outnumbered.

The film is also an origin story, and so far it seems like Wonder Woman hasn’t gained the powers of flight or the Lasso of Truth quite yet. Still, the image of her charging into battle on a horse makes is a perfect teaser for what will surely be an action-packed adventure.

Wonder Woman comes to theaters on June 23, 2017.


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