Watch a Naughty Dog Employee Speedrun Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune in Under an Hour

For their first Twitch stream of 2016, Naughty Dog proved they’re way better at Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune than you are, showcasing two employees speedrunning the game, one of them completing it in less than an hour.

Francesco Spezzotti and Daniel Leonard, both from the Naughty Dog QA team, are experienced speedrunners who’ve both taken part in Games Done Quick. Leonard even holds the second fastest record for Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune at 47:30.

Both of these guys took a whole hour away from their day to play through the entire game from the Uncharted Collection on PS4. You can watch their antics in the Twitch archived video below.

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The runs require a lot of precise jumping, efficient shooting, checkpoint restarting to skip scenes, and wall-clipping to skip the laws of physics. Leonard completed the run at 51:32, with Spezzotti following up some minutes later.

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